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Data-driven modelling of daylight scattering by Roman window glass

Publication Type:

Journal Article


ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage, Volume 13, Issue 1, p.20 (2020)



daylight, daylight simulation, light scattering, Roman architecture, Roman window glass


With the advent of window glass, its optical properties arise as one important factor in the illumination, and thereby the visual perception, of Roman architecture. Computational simulation allows to reconstruct the daylight illumination of buildings with known geometrical configuration, if the scattering properties of window glass can be replicated. We describe a method to generate data-driven models of Roman window glass based on precise gonio-photometric measurements of archaeological finds. The method is employed to model four exemplary glass finds in the context of a simplified architectural scene, demonstrating the potential to support research in building history and archaeology focused on building techniques, lighting concepts and perception with accurate and reliable photometric data.